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REC Alpha Pure-RX: a solar panel that truly empowers, from Solar’s Most Trusted
REC Alpha Pure 2: second generation of the award-winning technology (only available in the US)
REC Alpha Pure-R: an exciting introduction to an exciting solar panel that ticks all the right boxes
REC Alpha Pure-R: the Inspiring Launch Event of an Exciting Solar Panel
REC TwinPeak 5 Series solar panels (not available in the US)
REC N-Peak 3 Black Series solar panels (only available in the US)
(DEU) REC Alpha Pure-R: Lernen Sie unser neuestes Solarmodul kennen, das keine Wünsche offen lässt
(ESP) REC Alpha Pure-R: introducción de un panel brillante con características técnicas premium
(FRA) REC Alpha Pure-R - présentation passionnante d´un panneau révolutionnaire
(ITA) REC Alpha Pure-R: l'entusiasmante modulo fotovoltaico che soddisfa ogni esigenza
(NED) REC Alpha Pure-R: Een introductie van een opwindend paneel dat voldoet aan alle verwachtingen
REC Alpha Pure: a short explanation of the gains and advantages
(DEU) REC Alpha Pure: Eine kurze Erklärung der Erträge und Vorteile
(ESP) REC Alpha Pure: breve explicación sobre las ventajas
(FRA) REC Alpha Pure : une courte description des gains et avantages
(ITA) REC Alpha Pure: una breve spiegazione dei vantaggi d’uso ed economici
(NED) REC Alpha Pure: een korte uitleg over de voordelen
(POL) REC Alpha Pure: krótkie wyjaśnienie zalet i korzyści
REC celebrates its 25th anniversary
REC Alpha Pure solar panel: lead free + higher power density
Manufacturing Excellence at REC (ENG)
Excelencia de Producción de REC (ESP)
Hoogstaande productie bij REC (NED)
REC TwinPeak 4 Series solar panels
REC TwinPeak 4 Black Series solar panels
REC N-Peak 2 Series solar panels
REC N-Peak 2 Black Series solar panels
Go inside the REC Alpha 72 Series solar panel
Go inside the REC Alpha 72 Series solar panel
REC Alpha Series - Relive the launch
Info video: REC SunSnap – new must-have app for installers
REC Alpha 72 at the Telefonica headquarters in Madrid (ENG)
The future of solar energy remains bright
REC Group: empowering people all over the world and in all areas of our daily lives
Solar Detroit: Community Powered
REC: always a strong Partner
This is the REC Alpha Series (ENG)
Das ist die REC Alpha Serie (DEU)
Esta es la serie REC Alpha (ESP)
C’est la REC Alpha Série (FRA)
Questa è la serie REC Alpha (ITA)
Dit is de REC Alpha Serie (NED)
Oto seria REC Alpha (Po Polsku)
This is the REC Alpha Series (日本語吹き替え)
Pumped up REC Alpha customers at All-Energy Australia 2019
REC N-Peak Series: the solar panel with pure power & record strength
An introduction to REC’s most powerful solar panel ever, with record strength and an industry-topping warranty!
REC installation – Punjab canal top solar plants (Punjab, India)
(ENG) REC TwinPeak technologies explained
Go inside the award-winning REC TwinPeak 2 Series to find out how each enabler adds real value to the world’s most powerful multicrystalline solar panel, available in both 60- and 72-cell variants. (Not available in Germany)
Die TwinPeak-Serie von REC - Mehrwert durch innovative Technologien
Die preisgekrönte REC TwinPeak Serie verknüpft zahlreiche innovative Technologien, von denen jede einen echten Nutzen bringt; mehr Leistung im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen 60-Zellen-Modulen, gepaart mit Kosteneinsparungen. Wie REC dies genau schafft, erfahren Sie in diesem kurzen Video, das die REC TwinPeak Serie vorstellt. (Nicht verfügbar in Deutschland)
(JPN) REC TwinPeak Series
Its value-adding innovative technologies
REC installation – Tiger Beer goes solar with REC
Learn about the 2.2 MW rooftop solar installation installed at the Tiger Beer brewery in Singapore. Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore - a division of HEINEKEN - has engaged in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with REC.
REC installation - Redtag rooftop (Dubai, UAE)
Get unique views of a rooftop solar installation using REC TwinPeak panels in Dubai. REC's Systems and Solutions team also provided EPCs services, delivering a turnkey system to Redtag, a leading retailer in the UAE.
(ENG) REC SolarBox
An introduction to REC’s portable hybrid solar solution
(ENG) Video tour of REC's production and quality
See what’s involved in the production of REC panels
(DEU) Videotour durch RECs automatisierte Produktionsstätte in Singapur
(ENG) Reference installation, France
The success story of the Ferrotin Vineyard (2012)
(ENG) Reference installation, Germany
The success story of the Fruit Farm Brendle (2011)
(ENG) Careers at REC, Ellen
Ellen Chong in action at Tuas, Singapore
(ENG) Careers at REC, Erik and Jimmy
The two professionals tell their REC stories
(ENG) Careers at REC, Patrick
A video testimonial of a proud REC employee
REC Peak Energy Series
Launch video for this widely regarded REC panel
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