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Innovation heroes: REC Alpha Pure-R first movers

Several REC customers around the world were eager to carry the new and highly innovative REC Alpha Pure-R panel, ordering even before production began. Meet some of these "first movers"!

In May 2022, REC launched the lead free and highly efficient REC Alpha Pure-R solar panel. The new panel hits the sweet spot in terms of its power output, size and environmental footprint. Featuring G12 HJT cells in yet another innovative panel design from REC, the REC Alpha Pure-R reaches 430 Wp, while staying under 2 m2 in area. Shortly after launch and well before production start, REC customers were quickly keen to have the new panel on stock as orders came in from the US, Europe and Australia. This early success is a testament to the market’s confidence in REC innovations and REC Alpha technology using HJT cells.

These REC Alpha Pure-R “first movers” share REC’s belief that if you want to lead in the solar industry and drive real energy transitions, you need to go for bold innovations and high performance. REC and its B2B customers are proudly celebrating the arrival of this new pioneering solar panel around the globe.

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