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REC panels and solutions are in high demand all over the world and we have strategic channels in place to meet the needs of every customer, for every installation type, of every systems size.


Do you want a solar installation with REC?

REC for your home

REC Solar Professional installers are trained and certified by REC. In addition receiving leading-quality panels, you can be confident in the installation quality as well. Plus, you quality for an additional 2 years on the product warranty.

REC for your business

Are you a business owner looking to go solar? Or a solar installer/EPC seeking panels for a commercial installation? Or do you need a full turnkey solar solution? Contact your local REC office to learn of the best way to a solar installation using REC.

REC for power plants

Whether you need solar panels for a power plant project, or expert services and turnkey solutions to make the plant a reality, contact your local REC office to go solar with REC.


We’re committed to partnerships with distributors, wholesalers and installers alike.

Do you want to supply and sell REC panels?


Wholesaler looking to distribute REC?

Contact your local REC office to place orders and learn about how to become an official REC Partner.


Solar installer seeking REC panels?

With the REC Partner Program, we have distribution partners all over the world to supply solar installers with high-quality REC panels. Check our Partner locator for wholesalers that distribute into your country.

Certified installer

Installer interested in becoming REC-certified?

Learn more about the Program and find out how to become an REC Solar Professional.

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