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Mono-PERC technology

REC TwinPeak 5

Based on the multiple award-winning REC TwinPeak technology, REC TwinPeak 5 panels bring heightened efficiency to REC's portfolio. REC TwinPeak 5 panels come standard with black-colored half-cut monocrystalline cells and a black frame. In addition, we offer a full-black variant with a black backsheet (Black), so that you can select your preferred look to give you the ideal combination of high power and aesthetics.

Key documents:
Datasheet REC TwinPeak 5 (395-415 Wp)
Datasheet REC TwinPeak 5 Black (390-410 Wp)
Information sheet REC Twin Design Technology

20 year Product Warranty 25 year Performance Warranty Min. 86% power in year 25
Highlights of the REC TwinPeak 5

    More power output per m2

    REC TwinPeak 5 panels are packed with the same advanced REC TwinPeak technologies that have won REC multiple awards. This p-type mono variant offers higher power output per square meter of panels installed.

    More performance in shaded conditions

    This panel features the innovative REC ‘Twin’ cell layout design, where the panel is split into two twin sections, also enabling continued energy production, even when partially shaded. Over time, you get a higher yield from your installation.

    Super-strong frame design

    Extra support bars across the rear of the panel greatly boost the panel's strength and durability, and allow loads of up to 7000 Pa – far exceeding the 5400 offered by conventional panels. Combined with a 30 mm frame height, this frame design enables flexible installation options, making overcoming every obstacle easier during system design.

    Reliable production

    Degradation is a reality of solar PV technology. REC TwinPeak 5 panels are free of performance induced degradation (PID). Plus, the panels use advanced cell doping technology for low light induced degradation (LID).
Value-adding warranty
  • Product warranty: 20 years – covers panel defects
  • Performance warranty: 25 years – with 0.5% warranted annual degradation, REC TwinPeak 5 will still produce at least 86% of its nameplate power in its 25th year of operation
  • Eligible for REC ProTrust*, a comprehensive package that offers a 25-year warranty for each of product, performance, and labor: get an additional five years on the 20-year product warranty, plus a labor warranty for up to 25 years

*REC ProTrust Warranty applies only for (i) REC panels installed by an REC Certified Solar Professional, and ii) panels have been registered by the installer with REC. Subject to System Size and further conditions.