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System size: 11.3 kW
Panel type: REC 270TP
Number of panels: 42
Installer / EPC company: Energieconcepten
Year installed: 2015
Location: Retie, Belgium
Chiang Rai Power Plant
System size: 9.5 MW
Panel type: REC 240 PE; REC 254 PE
Number of panels: 40,896
Installer / EPC company: CH Karchang Public Company
Year installed: 2013
Location: Mea Chan district, Chiang Rai province, Thailand
BSS Yonago Power Plant, Japan
System size: 1.7 MW
Panel type: REC 250 PE
Number of panels: 7,056
Installer / EPC company: Advantec
Year installed: 2013
Location: Yonago, Tottori, Japan
Veterans Hospital
System size: 4.5 MW
Panel type: REC 235 PE and REC 220 PE
Number of panels: 19,526
Installer / EPC company: REC Solar Inc.
Year installed: 2011
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Bedford Timber
System size: 250 kW
Panel type: REC 240PE
Number of panels: 1,040
Installer / EPC company: Source Renewable
Year installed: 2011
Location: South Molten, UK
Heineken Wieckse Brewery, NL
System size: 921 kW
Panel type: REC 250PE
Number of panels: 3,683
Installer / EPC company: SolarAccess BV
Year installed: 2013
Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands
Quintín Plant
System size: 9.2 kW
Panel type: REC 235 PE
Number of panels: 4,920
Installer / EPC company:
Year installed: 2011
Location: Lantarón (Álava), Spain