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Company history

REC was founded in Norway in 1996 and has since come a long way; from hand-washing its first wafer, to producing more than 38 million panels in its history at end-2019, REC has had the sustainable production of clean energy products as its core focus, growing from a pioneer in the solar industry, to a world leader.

The early days

REC established in Norway

1997 First wafer washed by hand in summer 1997
1997 - 2010 Production of wafers, solar cells, and solar panels in Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden)
Growth phase
2010 Fully automated and integrated production of wafers, cells, and panels begins at state-of-the-art factory in Singapore
2013 Split of REC from Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC Silicon)
2015 REC acquired by Norway’s Elkem Group (Bluestar Investment Co. Ltd.)


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