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All good Things come in Threes: REC Group again Top Performer in PV Module Reliability Scorecard by DNV GL

Munich, Germany June 4, 2018
REC Group, the leading European brand for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, has been named again a “Top Performer 2018” in the annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard by DNV GL, the world’s largest independent expert & certification body for renewable energy. Despite an overall trend of improved performance, the benchmarking report found that a significant number of PV products still experience failures – making clear that high quality and performance do not simply happen as a matter of course.

Cemil Seber, Vice President Product Management & Global Marketing, comments on the benchmark results: “REC consistently invests in efforts to make products as durable as possible, and the DNV GL PV Scorecard is evidence that REC solar panels reliably deliver high performance. It is one thing to design high efficiency cells or modules on a lab scale, but a totally different one to bring it to mass production and repeat high performance millions of times at reasonable prices. This distinguishes REC from our competitors in a fast-growing industry with products becoming more commodity. We are delighted to be again recognized as a Top Performer in 2018.”

In 2017, REC Group manufactured 4.3 million solar panels in its vertically integrated and automated production plant in Singapore. The company demonstrates an industry leading low claims rate of far below 100 parts per million (ppm).

REC earned Top Performer status for its award-winning TwinPeak 2 solar panels in all four test categories by which the scorecard measures solar panel reliability:

  • Potential induced degradation (PID) tests, which involve measuring the loss of power output capacity caused by voltage, heat and humidity.
  • Thermal cycling tests, in which resilience to fluctuations in temperature is measured.
  • Damp heat tests, which use high temperature and high humidity to evaluate module construction.
  • Dynamic mechanical load tests, which simulate the load effect of snow and wind and measure the module’s resilience to degradation.

The annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard report by DNV GL is, according to the organization’s own information, the most complete publicly available comparison of PV module reliability test results. 2018 is the fourth edition of the scorecard, and the third year in a row that REC has been named a Top Performer.

The “Top Performer” trophy was presented to REC at the recent SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai. It is the latest in a number of accolades won by REC for the outstanding performance of their TwinPeak Series solar panels – such as the Intersolar 2015 award, and Solar + Power award 2017.

REC Group will be exhibiting its award-winning TwinPeak solar panels at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, June 20-22 (booth A2.380). This year’s highlight will be the unveiling of REC’s newest product, a mono n-type solar panel, demonstrating REC’s launch of a new era: Wednesday, June 20, 4pm.

About REC Group:
Founded in Norway in 1996, REC Group is a leading vertically integrated solar energy company. Through integrated manufacturing from silicon to wafers, cells, high-quality panels and extending to solar solutions, REC Group provides the world with a reliable source of clean energy. REC’s renowned product quality is supported by the lowest warranty claims rate in the industry. REC Group is a Bluestar Elkem company with headquarters in Norway and operational headquarters in Singapore. REC Group employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, producing 1.5 GW of solar panels annually.

For further information please contact:
Agnieszka Schulze
Head of Global PR, REC Group
Phone: +49 89 54 04 67 225
E-mail: agnieszka.schulze [at]
Leopoldstraße 175
80804 Munich, Germany

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