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Production started: First panels of the new REC Alpha Pure-R Series underway

Munich, Germany September 29, 2022
REC Group, an international pioneering solar energy company headquartered in Norway, announces the start of production of its latest solar panel, the REC Alpha Pure-R. The first panels are going to first-movers: customers who are so convinced by the REC Alpha heterojunction technology (HJT), and REC Group’s record as an industry innovator, that they ordered long before production started.

Unveiled in May 2022 at Intersolar Europe, the REC Alpha Pure-R solar panel went into production earlier this month on new manufacturing lines at REC’s Singapore facility. The Alpha Pure-R will double REC’s Alpha HJT capacity in Singapore, from 600 MW to 1.2 GW, which underscores REC’s commitment to the future of this technology.

First shipments go to first movers
The first shipments are already spoken for: well before production started, REC had already received orders for the REC Alpha Pure-R solar panel from customers in the US, Europe and Australia. This early success testifies to the confidence of the market in REC innovations and Alpha HJT technology.

Jan Enno Bicker, CEO at REC Group, is delighted with the vote of confidence: “We made a bold move in 2019 by introducing REC Alpha as our first HJT product, in 2021 by launching the lead-free and RoHS compliant Alpha Pure, and now we are changing the game again. With the REC Alpha Pure-R, we are bringing another 600 MW of a lead-free HJT product to the market but based on larger G12 cells in a compact panel format for residential installations. The many pre-production orders confirm that our customers have full trust into REC’s innovations and our newest product hits well the demand. Now that production is underway, customers worldwide can access the power, space and environmental advantages of this new solar panel for their installations.”

Hitting the sweet spot
The REC Alpha Pure-R hits the sweet spot in terms of its power output, size and environmental footprint. Featuring HJT cells in the large G12 format in a patented panel design, it delivers power output of up to 430 Wp, while keeping the module under two square meters in area – and shows that G12 can also work well for residential rooftop installations where space is limited. Like REC’s previous innovation and 2022 Intersolar Award winner, REC Alpha Pure, the Alpha Pure-R is lead-free and RoHS compliant, strengthening REC’s reputation as a company that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. The low temperature coefficient keeps the solar panel running efficiently even on hotter days. Also new: the panel is divided into four strings, which reduces the size of sections that switch off under shaded conditions. As a result, the panel can generate even more energy when partially shaded. Like the other REC solar panels, the REC Alpha Pure-R is eligible for REC’s comprehensive ProTrust warranty, offering consumers up to 25 years’ peace of mind for product, performance and labor, subject to conditions.

Voice of the customer
Why did customers choose to be REC Alpha Pure-R first-movers?

Dallin Maw, Cofounder & Chief Elevation Officer of Summit Energy in MA, US: “Partnering with REC has been a huge part of our success, and we love being the market driver in the NE region for Alpha. We look forward to our continued partnership with an amazing company like REC and are truly excited to offer the forefront of solar panel technology with the new REC Alpha Pure-R line. We believe this will be a game changer and know this new panel line will be key in our ongoing commitment to 5-star performance for our New England customers.”

Douwe van Gorkum, CEO of EnergieWonen in Netherlands: “REC proves time after time, their new modules work perfectly, and our customers love them.”

Paul Roberts, Country Manager at Midsummer Renewables in Ireland: “The popularity of the Alpha Pure modules seen in the Irish market is a clear indication of our customer's desire for quality. Therefore, we are eager to welcome the REC Alpha Pure-R, to continue our journey with REC, bringing the best quality and support to our installers and end users.”

James Hanff, Grid Connected Product Manager at Taspac Energy in New Zealand: “We choose REC and the Alpha Pure-R to provide a premium PV module to the New Zealand Market. REC continues to innovate and produce class leading PV modules, improving the sustainability of materials, and manufacturing processes, delivering high efficiency with a sharp all black aesthetic.”

Maarten Deville, Purchase Manager at Carbomat Group in Belgium: “In the years that we worked with REC, we believed always in their new products. They are always an improvement of their past modules. In this way we can always bring the best and newest technologies to the Benelux market.”

More information about the new REC Alpha Pure-R Series can be found at

For global inquiries please contact:
Agnieszka Schulze
Head of Global PR, REC Group
Tel.: +49 89 4 42 38 59 39
E-mail: agnieszka.schulze [at]

Balanstr. 71a
81541 Munich, Germany
Managing Director: Cemil Seber
Court of Registration: Munich HRB 180306
VAT ID-No: DE266243545

About REC Group:
REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power through high-quality solar panels with a leading power density. As Solar’s Most Trusted, REC is known for its patented innovations and multiple award-winning products with reliable long-term performance. The cornerstone for REC’s strong reliability is advanced and highly efficient manufacturing using Industry 4.0 practices. Founded in 1996 in Norway, REC has always been committed to a low carbon footprint in its solar materials and panels. REC is headquartered in Norway with operational headquarters in Singapore and regional hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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