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Izzat Marji Group HQ
System size: 38.5 kW
Panel type: REC 275TP 2 BLK2
Number of panels: 140
Installer / EPC company: Izzat Marji Group
Year installed: 2018
Location: Amman, Jordan
Interesting fact: Jordan's very first building facade solar installation; full-black multicrystalline panels from REC ensure optimum aesthetics and high power
St Michael's Hospice, Hereford
System size: 29.7 kW
Panel type: REC 270PE
Number of panels: 110
Installer / EPC company: Solarkinetics Ltd
Year installed: 2018
Location: Bartestree, Hereford, England
System size: 81 kW
Panel type: REC280 TP2 BLK
Number of panels: 288
Installer / EPC company: PT . Surya Utama Nuansa
Year installed: 2017
Location: Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Interesting fact: Headquarters of one of Indonesia’s largest coal producers
KouHu PV Farm #3
System size: 395 kW
Panel type: REC 260PE
Number of panels: 1,518
Installer / EPC company: New Green Power
Year installed: 2016
Location: Yunlin, Taiwan
Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
System size: 312 kW
Panel type: REC 275PE
Number of panels: 1,131
Installer / EPC company: Planet Ark Power
Year installed: 2017
Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Interesting fact: Installation at public pool will save city of Gold Coast and local taxpayers over AU$100,000 each year; which can be re-invested into the community
Caudos 3
System size: 12 MW
Panel type: REC 290TP 2 BLK
Number of panels: 41,500
Installer / EPC company: Gaitasun
Year installed: 2017
Location: Caudos, Mios, Gironde, France
Interesting fact: Solar farm installed in forest of tree farms
Gloucester Cathedral
System size: 38 kW
Panel type: REC 255PE BLK2
Number of panels: 150
Installer / EPC company: Mypower
Year installed: 2016
Location: Gloucester, England
Interesting fact: The 1,000-year-old building is the oldest in the world to go solar; winner at Solar Power Portal Awards 2017 for Commercial Rooftop installation
Om Shanti Printing Press
System size: 100 kW
Panel type: REC 335TP 72
Number of panels: 300
Installer / EPC company: Samhita Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Year installed: 2017
Location: Shantivan, Rajasthan, India
Punjab Canal Top Solar Plants
System size: 5.25 MW (2 x 2.62 MW)
Panel type: REC 315PE 72
Number of panels: 16,680
Installer / EPC company: PES Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Year installed: 2017
Location: Sangrur, India & Ludhiana, India
Interesting fact: Unique Suspension Design, first in Asia; first of its kind canal solar project in Punjab
Minara Masjid
System size: 15 kW
Panel type: REC 320PE 72
Number of panels: 46
Installer / EPC company: Green Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. (GPP)
Year installed: 2017
Location: Mumbai, India
Interesting fact: One of the oldest and most-prominent of mosques in Mumbai, and the first in Mumbai to go solar